Should you buy the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro (2022)?

Should you buy the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro (2022)?

Best answer: Yes. The Alexa Voice Remote Pro (2022) is a worthwhile upgrade for those who own a Fire TV. But note that, unlike other Alexa Voice Remotes, it also works with other brand smart TVs with Fire TV built-in. The new remote offers some enticing upgrades, including backlit and customizable buttons, and more.

What is the Alexa Voice Remote Pro (2022)?

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The Alexa Voice Remote Pro (2022) is the latest version of Amazon’s popular voice remote control, which allows you to effortlessly control playback on a compatible TV, completely hands-free.

Like other Alexa Voice Remotes, simply press a button to ask Alexa to perform a particular task. It has dedicated power, volume, and mute buttons along with preset buttons for popular streaming apps. There’s also channel buttons for live TV, as you’d get with the previous generation Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote as well.

But the Alexa Voice Remote Pro (2022) adds some more compelling features. There’s a remote finder to help you locate it when it’s stuck between couch cushions or the kids thought it would be fun to hide it from you. The buttons are now backlit for easier reading at night or during dark movie or game nights. There are also customizable buttons so you can choose to have them access your most frequently used commands.

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Additionally, there’s a headphone button for shortcut access to Bluetooth pairing, great when you want to watch TV while your spouse, kids, or roommates are already in bed and you don’t want to disturb them, or when you want to throw on a headset for an intense gaming session.

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